Geology & Mineralization

The Klyntsi gold deposit is situated in the central part of the Ukrainian Shield within the Ingul Megablock.

The Klyntsi deposit is located in the eastern exocontact of the Novoukrainka Massif and controlled by the steeply dipping Klintsovo-Konevsky fault.

The mineralization is localized in the Early Proterozoic gneisses and confined to the metasomatic ore zone with a thickness of 20 to 120 m (average 42 m).

Exploration History

The Klyntsi deposit area has been the subject of regional and detailed geological exploration since 1982. The resources and reserves of the deposit were estimated and categorized P1, P2, and C2 according to the conditions approved by the State Geological Survey of Ukraine in 1993, 2001, and later in 2004.

The audit of resources and preliminary estimation of reserves was carried out in 2000 by the Institute of Geological Sciences of the of Ukraine, and in 2005 by the consulting company Pincock, Allen & Holt Ltd (USA) carried out using the geostatistical method. However, despite the significant amount of research conducted, the some important geological factors of gold ore mineralization were not fully understood.

Historical Exploration Data