Future Development & Mining Aspirations

Underground Mining Methodology

Opening system recommended by THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU – inclined ramp.
Reserve development system recommended by THYSSEN
SCHACHTBAU – mining with shrinkage stoping.

Development technology:

  • Сrosscut`s development.
  • Haulage entry development (the haulage entry of the block above serves to backfill the next block).
  • Construction of an system and risers to transport people and materials.
  • Breaking and filling with ore of the excavation.
  • Ore drawing.
  • Backfilling.

Key production indicators

  • Our mining productivity – 300-600 thousand tons/year
  • Mining losses – 12%
  • Dilution – 30% (for block 1 stage 25%).
  • Achievement of project productivity – 3 years from the beginning of development.

Development & Production

It is envisaged to perform a drilling program in order to assess the resource base of the deposit according to international standards.

Based on the simulation data, we provide to perform a feasibility study for the construction of the mining enterprise, then to make up a detailed design and documentation of a mine complex.

Taking into account the earlier performed technological study of the gold ore enrichment to correct the technological study (additional researches), to perform a detailed design and documentation of the processing plant with 600 thous. tons of ore output per year.

Building of the mine camp and reaching the design capacity.

The construction plan is designed for 3 years.