Oleksandr Nastenko

Founding Partner & President

Mr. Nastenko is known as a strategic and creative leader, entrepreneur who views business with a broad context, nevertheless with respect of important details that realized in clearly defined business objectives and processes. He has served predominantly in the mining industry since 2014 as an executive business leader and a skilled geologist with practical field experience.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering & Construction, and a Bachelor’s degree in Geology.

Vladyslav Dibrova

Director, Field Operations

Vladyslav is experienced in forming, developing and managing various teams. He is responsible for overall organizational planning, business processes management, and implementation of field activities. He also governs safety protocol adherence, environmental compliance, and maintains clear lines of accountability with state and local regulatory authorities.

Under Vladyslav’s leadership, the First Stage of the Geological Exploration Program of the Klyntsi mineral deposit was successfully executed; informative core samples were cataloged and have been sent to the test laboratory.

Natalia Viliatser

Chief Accountant, IFRS, IPFM

Natalia is a certified professional accountant with over 20 years of experience in various areas of economic activity, including the mining industry. She supports the accounting and internal auditing for Lyra Mine Minerals. Natalia is preeminent in assembling and ensuring that corporate financial reports are held to the highest standard of National Accounting Standards (NAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). She is an integral party engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits, heading the transition, alignment and audit of Ukrainian accounting and reporting standards to international accounting and reporting standards.

Natalia is certified with the ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and is accredited by the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM).

Mariia Kurylo

Senior Financial Advisor, Economist, PhD in Geology

Mariia brings deep knowledge and more than 10 years of practical experience in financial analysis of geology and mineral reserves valuation, as well as expertise in minerals commodity markets. She participated in various exploration projects working on geological and economic evaluation of iron, manganese, titanium, and gold deposits located in Ukraine, Asia and Africa regions. She is contributing her expertise into the development of a Feasibility Study and Mineral Reserves Valuation of the Klyntsi gold deposit.

Mariia holds a PhD in Economic Geology, and was honored with a State Prize in Science and Technology.

Oleksiy Falkovich

Senior Consulting Geologist, PhD in Geology

Oleksiy has over 40 years’ experience in geology. He was a direct participant and later head of geological exploration of the Klyntsi gold deposit in 1991 - 2002. He has conducted numerous geological studies of ore deposits, mineral resources assessment, and professional supervision over mining production, development and implementation of programs for clients in USA, South America (Peru, Panama, and Chile), Europe (Turkey, Russia and Ukraine), and Africa.

Oleksiy holds a PhD in Geology, and is an expert of the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources, member of the State Council for Mineral Resources Forecasting of Ukraine.

Nataliia Bariatska

Senior Consulting Geologist, PhD in Geology

With 20 years in geology field, Natalia has experience in forecasting and prospecting for uranium, geological exploration, geological and economic evaluation of gold-polymetallic, lithium, rare-earth metals, placer and primary titanium deposits in Ukraine, Mexico, USA, Guinea etc. She also specializes in approbation and approval of ore deposit resources in State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources.

Natalia is currently engaged in geological interpretation, geostatistical analysis and the design of new drilling programs for Klyntsi deposit. She is also developing a 3D model of ore deposits using Micromine software, supporting mineral resources estimation and reporting initiatives with accordance to the international standards (JORC and NI 43-101).


Service providers

Geological Service Company LLC

Geology and Exploration Services

ALS Limited

Global Testing Company


Designing of underground mine complex

Pozitif Sondaj

Drilling Operations


Development of ore enrichment technology and the construction of a processing plant

CSA Global

Service company for mineral resources assessment according to international standards, preparation of reports at different stages of study of objects