Сompleted the works on reactivation of the mining near the rented mine

In 2021, the company Lyra Mine Minerals has completed the works on reactivation of the mining near the rented mine of the Klyntsi deposit, that is in the wet conservation. 1420 running meters of the mining was traced. The 1-st and the 2-nd ore bodies in the sections 8, 6 and 4, as well as in the chamber 14 were documented. Gold definition within the ore bodies and the characteristic signs of the presence of a rich mineralization (wavy low-strength veins of quartz and feldspar-quartz composition, the presence of biotite zones, distinctive sulfidization in the form of inclusions and perforations of arsenopyrite, pyrite and chalcopyrite, but the sulfide content should not exceed 3%) were determined using analyzer Olympus. Detailed sketches of sampling points with marked points of gold content measurement were performed, statistical processing of research materials and comparison with already available results of the borozone testing was performed.
6 samples were taken, one in sections 8, 6 and 4 and 2 in chamber 14. The total weight of the samples was 552 kg. Two samples from section 8 and chamber 14 were sent to the Finnish company Metso Outotec to develop gravitational and flotation concentrates and determine the final value of metal extraction from the ores of the Klyntsi deposit.

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