THE GEOCHEMICAL ASSOCIATIONS IN ROCKS ORE-BEARING KLINTSOV GOLD DEPOSIT. Zhovinsky E.Ya., Falkovich A.L., Kryuchenko N.O. (Geochemistry and ore formation. 2016. #36)

As a result, studies determined that the direct search geochemical characteristics Klyntsi identify gold mineralization type is the presence of high contrast anomalies of gold, arsenic and bismuth, and contrast anomalies of As, Cu, Mo and W as indicator elements flanks of the ore zones. In addition, the feature is the lack area halos, whereas characteristic narrow, elongated halos. Indicator elements defined process Klintsov gold deposit, which will allow for more effective local forecasting and search for occurrences and gold deposits on the primary halos of chemical elements. Identified elements-indicators of gold mineralization in the ore bodies: high gold content (1 g/t and above) is associated with the content of As and spatially coincides with a halo of gold. Zonation is established in rows under the ore (Mo-W-Cu-Ag), an ore (Au-Bi-As-Mo-W-Cu) and over the the ore (Au-Mo-W-Cu-Bi-Ag) horizons. For local forecasting and prospecting of gold offered to use a multiplicative factor of Au x As x Bi x Mo x W x Cu x Ag; to identify performance depending mineralization geochemical parameters – coefficient of specific ore content. value analysis of the distribution of the specific ore-bearing coefficient along strike to the north to the south it possible to identify within the ore zone three blocks of high-grade ore.

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